Soapstone masonry stoves keep your home warm





Over 125 years of Koselig

There is an important concept one needs to understand and embrace when living in Norway: “koselig”.

Most English speakers translate it as “cozy”, but that term doesn’t even begin to cover everything that “koselig” can express.

At Norsk Kleber we have been creating koselig for over 125 years with our elegant, simple, genuine soapstone stoves.

Soapstone: Efficient beauty

Since 1893 we have produced a special brand of masonry heaters: wood stoves build of soapstone.

A wood stove made from solid soapstone from Norsk Kleber is not just a woodstove, but an exclusive piece of furniture taken directly from nature.

Each stone has a different structure and pattern, and no two stoves are the same. Our soapstone is grey with a light structure. Our soapstone wood heaters are a warming piece of art that will last for generations.